Silicone casting mould STONE

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  • Silicone casting mould STONE
    Made of high-quality silicone. Especially elastic, frost and heat-resistant material (from -40°C to 230°C/from -40°F to 446°C)
    Very easy to demould, dimensionally stable and can be used repeatedly
    Perfect for casting with beton, concrete or plaster, also with soap and wax.

    Size of the whole mould of 6 stones: 14.5x26x3.5cm/5.7"x10.24"x1.38"
    Size of every stone shapes is given in the picture in centimeters. For size in inches, please divide centimeters by 2.54 (for example, 8/2.54=3.15").

    Rinse the mould with water before use, no extra release agent, such as oil or the like, is required.
    Pour the casting compound inside and let it try well out.
    After demoulding:
    Clean the silicone mould with water and a little detergen.
    Sand the overlapping edges with a sandpaper.
    Cast and cured moulds can be easily and creatively refined with acrylic paint, acrylic markers, decorative metals etc.

    For all 6 shapes you need 610 g of creative beton