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  • Craft cement for interesting decorations. Easy casting of decoration objects with the creative beton powder. The crude and trendy cement caractermakes simple things to extraordinary eye catchers: whether bowls, candle holders, coasters or vases. Only mix the powder with water and grout it in a form. The specific qualitiy of creative cement is that this cement is suitable for the use at home and theres no requirement to label ( neither irritant nor hazardous to health). Weather-resistant, frost-resistant.

    Foil for decorating cement:

    Tutorial and ideas: /senasnaujas

     1 For the preparation, place the mould on a stable surface so that it does not wobble and spread out its inner side with edible oil.

    2 The mixing ratio is 1 : 10 (1 part of water : 10 parts of cement).

    3 Fill a plastic bucket/bowl with about 100ml of water and add gradually about 1000g of the creative-cement powder. Stir this mixture with a wooden spatula until an uniform, pourable mass is reached.

    4 Pour the casting compound into the prepared mould (do not pour it quite to the upper edge). Allow the mixture to rest for 1-2 minutes. Thereby tap repeatedly and slightly onto the mould to release any air bubbles from the cement mass.

    5 Let it dry over the night.

    6 The very next day you can demould the object. Therefor, turn around the casting mould and lay it down on a pad as for example a sponge rubber or a cardboard. Work with a light pressure of the palm of your hand against the mould, thus air can not penetrate between casting object and mould. Keep tapping the mould gently on your pad, so that the cement object is completely detached from the mould.

    7 Let it harden. The curing time depends on the size and the temperature (best 1 up to several days).

    8 Small burrs and imperfections you can grind with a sandpaper.

    9 For a special effect, you can still paint the cement-house with the Chalky Finish paint.

    10 Therefor, mask the borders of the desired area to be painted or the desires colour stripes with masking tape or scotch. Press well on the edges of the adhesive-tape.

    11 Paint the desired areas with a flat brush in jade and azure blue colours and at the end, take off carefully the adhesive-tape. Let it dry.