Casting mould

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  • Casting plastic mould for resin, cement, soap or chocolate. Sizes: 44 mm- 55 mm.


    Screws for knobs:

    Stick the screw into the spacer (it keeps the screw upright). Now screw the nut onto the screw. In the process, select a screw length that ensures the screw head is covered with cement during casting. For this, position the screw with the spacer centrally on the motif that is to be cast and fixate the right depth.

    Pour a little bit of cooking oil into the casting mould. Then you can pour in the jewellery cement (mix ratio: 1 part water: 5 parts jewellery cement) over one point.

    Now position the screw with spacer centrally in the cast motif.

    After the mould has dried (approx. 24 hours), demould the decorative knob: First gently press the back of the casting mould in the centre of the motif, then carefully tap it out and remove the spacer with nut.

    Sand off the decorative knob a little. For the knob design, use the sponge to apply the Chalky colour and gently tap it onto the elevated points of the rose and the knobs.

    Thread a large-holed bead onto the screw so that there is a distance to the drawer. Thereby, the furniture knob can be gripped better. 

    Stick the screw into the holes of the drawer and fix it with the nut. Then shorten the screw using a suitable tool (cantilever action end cutting pliers). Use sandpaper or an iron file to smooth down sharp edges.